Find out why critics are calling this one of the most powerful documentaries ever made.

Can one film change the course of history?
Yes, with your help.

Just a few months ago leftwing pundits were writing the obituary of modern conservatism.

That was before a momentous summer of Tea Party protests and town hall insurgency. Before one million friends of liberty took to the streets of the nation's capital on September 12 shouting “NO” to government control of the nation's health care; “NO” to nanny state socialism; and “NO” to an unending spiral of taxes, spending and debt.

The left has overreached; grossly misreading the results of the last election as a mandate to radically change America.

And nowhere is this overreach more evident than the blind allegiance to Al Gore's agenda of environmental extremism. The conversion of global warming hysteria into actual public policy is already having huge impacts on American families. On the price we must pay to drive our cars and heat and light our homes and businesses. On jobs and the very standard of living we Americans take for granted.

Now, like a sleeping giant, the love of freedom and limited government is rising again from the American heartland. More and more Americans are joining the increasing number of scientists across the planet skeptical of Gore's doomsday predictions.

After the revolt against government health care, how do conservatives continue the momentum against the radical agenda of the left?

See what the elite media won't tell you. See the staggering impact of extreme legislation Gore and his friends want. On jobs. On our troubled economy. On America's ability to compete with other nations. On real people and real families who face financial ruin when severe restrictions on fossil energy are passed into law.

Not Evil Just Wrong, the film that will change history.

Al Gore received a Nobel Prize and an Oscar for claiming in his film An Inconvenient Truth that humans cause global warming. Today, because of this film, school children fear that polar bears are drowning and they and their parents will be next. And extreme “cap-and-trade” legislation Gore could only dream about a decade ago is now pending approval in the U.S. Senate, estimated to cost billions of dollars, mortgaging the futures of those same children before they've earned their first paycheck.

In Not Evil Just Wrong two Irish filmmakers take on Al Gore and the blind acceptance of his doomsday agenda.

Over 3 years in the making with a budget of over $1 million, this explosive documentary exposes the distortions and hypocrisy of Gore and the global warming “industry.” It explains the true costs of environmental policies like “cap-and-trade” now before Congress.

Today over 31,000 scientists are saying Al Gore is wrong. That CO2 has little effect on planetary temperatures, and there is no climate crisis. But Not Evil Just Wrong is the film that explains it all and will decisively change the public's mind about global warming. A film that will change history.

Obviously it is important you watch this film.

It is even more important for you to make it possible for millions of other Americans to see this film!

Help Change History

Hollywood doesn't want you to see Not Evil Just Wrong. But in the spirit of the grassroots freedom movement now sweeping the nation we've decided to by-pass Hollywood.

You can be part of this historic grassroots movement by buying your own copy of Not Evil Just Wrong right now for $19.95.

We realize that even at $19.95 this important film will be beyond the reach of many of those who need to see it the most, namely students and young people who have been relentless indoctrinated by An Inconvenient Truth and the propaganda of global warming extremists. That is why we urgently seek your help to sponsor additional copies of Not Evil Just Wrong to college and high school campuses across America.

We will be working with groups like the Leadership Institute, Young America's Foundation, Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and others to make sure that the maximum number of young Americans are able to watch Not Evil Just Wrong.

We have a prepared free Lesson Plans to accompany the film to be used in a classroom setting. The Lesson Plans comply with National Science Education Curriculum Standards for high school. The Plans were prepared and reviewed by curriculum writers, educators and scientist. Schools will only have to purchase.

We hope this will encourage use of our film in High Schools to balance the debate about global warming,

Educational and Library licenses come with limited performance rights so they can be shown in classrooms, at PTA meetings, during after school programs, and transmitted on a closed-circuit system within a building or on a single campus. They also can be enjoyed in admission-free public screenings, which also makes them ideal for use by library patrons and businesses involved in community clubs and organizations.

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It's vital you order you copies of Not Evil Just Wrong immediately. The momentum for freedom is building across America. We have seen the power of grass roots action in the debate over health care. Let's use this opportunity to make our voice heard on cap-and-trade and reckless policies driven by global warming hysteria.

Give a copy of Not Evil Just Wrong to your family and friends this year for Christmas.

Share in the awareness of Global Warming Hysteria!.

"We were very happy to have Al Gore in our film, but he refused to be interviewed. This is a very odd way to behave if you care about truth."

Not Evil Just Wrong co-creator Ann McElhinney

Filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer (Photo courtesy of Greener Horizons Films, Ltd. ©2009)