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WWF set to make $60 billion off carbon credits
Written by Kristin McMurray   
Monday, 22 March 2010 12:02
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WWFI can't say it any better than James Delingpole: "There is nothing cuddly about the WWF."  It was revealed this past weekend by Chris Brooker that the $400 million organization could possibly make $60 billion for selling carbon credits.

The value for these credits are high, not because they are part of the Amazon rainforest—a part of the rainforest so remote its not in any danger of development, but because companies are desperate for more carbon credits. 

Companies are scrambling to buy up the credits so that they can continue to operate and grow under the current carbon restrictions.  WWF will allow companies to buy their way out of the intended carbon emission cuts, meaning there will be no impact on co2 emissions and thus no impact on the climate as well.

In addition to the WWF's hypocritical activities, there have also been reports of their treatment of natives in developing nations.  WWF activities in developing countries have been described as "Green Imperialism" by freelance writer Glenda Freeman, a native of New Zealand/Aotearoa who complains that WWF intervention keeps native populations "idle and dependent" while creating the problem it hoped to solve. 

Not Evil Just Wrong isn't surprised by these reports.  Phelim ran into this attitude during the filming of Mine Your Own Business, when Mark Fenn of WWF advocated measuring happiness in smiles while showing off his £20,000 catamaran.

There is nothing sweet or cuddly about advocating poverty or bilking taxpayers out of $60 billion, no matter how many pandas you jam into your logo.

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