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Why I love Prop 26
Written by Kristin McMurray   
Thursday, 04 November 2010 10:12
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Prop 26California voters have defeated Proposition 23, paving the way to the draconian environmental laws passed in AB 32.  The measure was backed by environmental hypocrites, like James Cameron, who stand to gain (or at least not suffer) financially under the new law.

These eco-hypocrites, like Todd Snyder (who donated $5m to defeat Prop 23) or Nicholas Berggruen, may potentially receive millions in funding from government handouts to green energy companies.  Even Google has a financial stake in those government funds.

However, there is a silver lining—Prop 26, which seems to have snuck by most of California, passed. Prop 26 requires a 2/3 approval of any government fee.  Many are anticipating this will include the fees the California legislature want to impose on carbon credits. 

So while AB 32 may still be in effect, it will be much harder for politicians to pry money out of businesses hands and hand it over to the Big Green execs, like Todd Snyder.

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Apropos of Nothing said:

I haven't seen what's in Prop 23, but I assume it excludes the movie industry from the new laws
November 05, 2010
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