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The Green Millionaire Hypocrites fighting Prop 23
Written by Ann McElhinney   
Monday, 01 November 2010 13:48
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James CameronCalifornia is on the cusp of voting on one of the most draconian environmental laws to be proposed in the United States.  Much adieu is being made about Texas oil companies supporting "Yes on 23," but there has hardly been a chirp about the self-interested, eco-hypocrite millionaires standing behind the "No on 23" campaign.

First there is Thomas Steyer, owner of a $33bln hedge fund called Farallon Capital Management,  who has given over $5m to fight Prop 23.  The $5m is petty to him, as he stands to make millions if the proposition fails.

Then there is jet-setter Nicholas Berggruen, a green playboy who's heavily invested in wind farms and has given $250,000.

Next in the hypocrite line-up is Bill Gates.  The man is worth $54bln and has donated $700,000 to fight Prop 23, who currently lives in a fortress in Washington, cashing in a bigger carbon footprint then any of his neighbors. 

Celebrities are joining the fight too.  James Cameron gave $1m to fight Prop 23.  This eco-hypocrite lives a carbon-intense lifestyle in his three mansion compound in Malibu, but maintains that we—meaning other people—must learn to "live with less."  Just this past week, he and the CEO of Google referred to climate skeptics as "criminals." 

Google has also given cash to the campaign, with co-founder Sergey Brin donating $200,000 to fight Prop 23.  This eco-hypocrite has spent millions on a "Party Plane" that includes California King Sized beds and is outfitted with every luxury possible.  But Google wants to cash in on AB 32, and the company has invested in green technologies, that will take a financial hit if Prop 23 is passed.

Go to Ballotpedia for a list of the other donors standing fighting Prop 23, a virtual "Who's who" of climate hypocrites.

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