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Pete Postlethwaite - Hypocrite
Written by Phelim McAleer   
Wednesday, 05 January 2011 01:03
The actor Pete Postlethwaite is dead. There's nothing like the death of a left wing actor/activist that allows journalists to ignore journalistic standards and produce obituaries that gloss over the hypocrisy that is at the heart of so many eco-celebrities. And so it was with Mr Postlethwaite.

Although Oscar nominated, the UK Guardian newspaper noted that "in recent years Postlethwaite became known as much for his political activism as his acting." He was a socialist, we are told, and an environmentalist, had a wind turbine at his house and in 2009 starred in the Age of Stupid, a drama/documentary warning that humanity was doomed because of our use of fossil fuels.

We needed to stop our "addiction to oil" now, Mr Postlethwaite warned. But it seems that the fossil fuel free life was only for others not Mr Pete Postlethwaite.

As Franny Armstrong, the Age of Stupid Director, mournfully recounted Mr Postlethwaite became an energetic advocate for the documentary. "When the money ran out, Pete arranged for another film project to pay his flight to Australia for the Stupid premiere and then we were all to head to New York for the world's biggest ever live film event" she revealed in the Guardian.

So Mr Postlethwaite and his fellow eco-celebrities flew to Australia and New York to promote a documentary which stated quite clearly that flying is the worst possible thing you could do for the environment. Indeed one of the "villains" in the Age of Stupid is an Indian entrepreneur whose ambition is to bring cheap airfares to the Indian masses. But for Pete Postlethwaite - his socialist environmentalism meant he flew around the world to ensure others must never be given the economic and political freedom of cheap airfares.

And speaking of the developing world Mr Postlethwaite was also a supporter of the Make Poverty History campaign which said it wanted to end poverty in the developing world. But no profile or obituary pointed out the obvious contradiction in the two campaigns he so enthusiastically supported. For poverty to be eradicated in developing countries they need to build roads, houses, factories, cities, hospitals and universities. These use lots of energy and the cheapest and most efficient way to produce the large amount of energy needed is to burn fossil fuels - lots of them.

Pete Postlethwaite is dead now. His obituaries reveal a life in the fast lane - with much partying and plenty of drinking. Like many actors he lived a hedonistic life. That was his choice and I hope he enjoyed it. He seemed to.

But his partying lifestyle was different from many of his colleagues. Pete Postlethwaite lived a life of callous hedonism. He enjoyed the pleasures of development and modernity but cruelly campaigned to deny that development to some of the poorest people on the planet.

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garret seinen said:

One of the glaring fact common to all the 'doomsayers' is their delight in being hypocritical. That is their personal, particular challenge - how to keep a committed following in the face of a blatant contradiction. It speaks more for the level of intelligence of the followers than the leaders.
January 05, 2011
Votes: +8

Jack Marino said:

Great article Phelim, keep dogging these phony dead or alive. I will never see Mr Kobayashi in the same light again, If he was such a successful actor why couldn't he pay for his own airfare, he had to get some other production company pay for his plane ticket. These bums are so cheap it is pathetic.
January 05, 2011
Votes: +4
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Astra said:

Typical Elitist fantasy portrayal
Typical Elitist fantasy portrayal, portraying fantasies in real life. Actors are so full of it. Even local actors here at school are so pompous and plainly uninformed and stupid. They truly are jesters born to merely entertain and distract.
January 05, 2011
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Damien said:

celebs never do aything for the worse off
Isn't it amazing that so many western actors/celebs champion the eco/climate cause when the west is so culpable for human rights abuses the World over? Would it not be a 'nicer' thing to do to stop your government supplying cluster bombs, white phosphorus and land mines? Or possibly to stop setting up dictatorships globally? They would be much more humane issues to tackle, but we never hear the like of that mentioned by anybody in the public eye. These eco celebs only do it for the press, and possibly because their conscience tugs at them, but they so obviously do not put enough effort into their good cause, that they actually research it before the tell their agents to set up the interviews and photo ops.

If they did look over the science and historical data, they may find that the climate will change, forever, thats the universe we live in. To say that we are causing todays climate change is pure hearsay, it has not been proven in any way whatsoever. Love your film Phelim, keep up the great work!

Damien Hughes, Ireland
January 05, 2011
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Sanjay said:

Campaigning against environmental, energy efficient products and alternative energy does not equate to campaigning against development. Man is nothing if not resourceful and we have it well within our capabilities to live more in harmony with our environment. You are either ignorant of the economic reality facing us or are attempting to be willfully misleading. With China, India and Brazil's prosperity catching up with Western Europe and America, demands on natural resources will obviously and quiet patently outstrip supply. Whether you believe in global warming or not it is obvious that one of the biggest challenges that faces man today is this ever increasing demand on resources. The numbers speak for themselves. China India and Brazil's middle class will be huge and it is completely inconceivable that we can sustainable provide such numbers with the level of consumption and prosperity enjoyed my America today. Something will have to change or something will have to give. Why not strive to make those changes through choice rather than struggle with necessity.

January 29, 2011
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sufufang said:

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September 23, 2011
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