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Old sexism from Young Democrats in Alaska
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Wednesday, 03 February 2010 18:36
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Alaska CommonsIt seems if you scratch a Young Democrat there are some very old fashioned sexist opinions lurking just beneath the surface.

John Aronno, Anchorage Chair of the Alaska Young Democrats, went to a recent local screening of Not Evil Just Wrong.  He stayed afterward for a Q&A with the film makers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney.

In his blog, Alaska Commons, Aronno says he was not impressed with the film or the Q&A.

Not Evil Just Wrong shows how 30 million people, mostly pregnant women and children, have died as a result of the ban on DDT. It also looks at how environmentalists also want to restrict cheap energy to those who need it as a matter of survival in the developing and developed world.

The death of 30 million people is enough to make anyone angry, but for Aronno there is another explanation for Ann McElhinney wanting to make a documentary looking at these issues.

In a comment that reeks of boorish sexism he explains that a female journalist cannot have strong opinions based on research or facts, but rather these opinions can be explained because Ann was "very obviously had been left at the altar by an environmentalist at some point. Nothing else explains such hatred for such a critical position."

And it wasn't just an off-the-cuff remark, Aronno returns to the theme later in his blog.

"After a particularly long rant from Ann McElhinney, which for a moment I thought would end with “Why did you leave me "

Well it is good to know that sexism is alive and well in the Democratic Party.  One commenter, Voices for Women, said it all when she/he wrote:

The notion that any woman who is passionate about her beliefs must have, at some point, been wronged in a relationship is archaic and offensive. By your logic, all women who voice their opinions forcefully can trace it back to an unhealthy relationship. Shame on you for perpetuating this stereotype. This outdated fallacy belongs in a cave, which apparently is where you get your ideas about women.

Ann McElhinney says she is disappointed that Aronno has such old fashioned views and is concerned about the message his views sends to his female colleagues.

"All female Young Democrats now need to be careful about expressing strong opinions that do not concur with Mr. Aronno. He can simply accuse them of having such beliefs because they were jilted by a boyfriend."

"It sends out a chilling message to young women not to have strong or passionate opinions or dare to disagree with their party president. I think the women in his party should demand an apology from Mr Aronno and then strongly and passionately accept his resignation," she added.

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John Aronno said:

With all due respect...
I would have made the "left at the altar" comment no matter which gender presented themselves frothing at the mouth. It quite honestly didn't even occur to me that it would be taken as sexist. Women don't often present themselves to me in a way that makes me think that they need to be coddled. Again, I apologized on the blog if any women took offense to it, and I reiterate that apology on yours.

My basic point, simply put, was that it was a really bad movie.
February 03, 2010
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Really?, Low-rated comment [Show]
Go back to journalism school, Low-rated comment [Show]

Paul said:

It is tempting to just dismiss John Aronno and his wife as idiots - they are democrats after all. But the nature of the insult is such that something more is required. To try to counted an argument by saying that your opponent must have been left at the alter by an environmentalist rather makes me doubt John Aronno's sanity. Does Mr Aronno often have such dysfunctional association of ideas? Such a statement is nearer to an hallucination than an argument and occurred since I suspect reason is beyond him. I can believe Mrs Aronno when she claims her husband is a firm supported of feminism. He certainly has all the lunatic qualities for that to be true.
February 04, 2010
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Chris said:

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned...
Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.
February 04, 2010
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crazy like a fox, Low-rated comment [Show]

Paul said:

If as Kelly says Aronno is an amazing man then its a pity he is unable to to articulate a logical argument. I suppose Phellim was lucky that Kelly and her democratic cronies did not vandalise and disrupt the screening. That's what environmentalist usually do. I think Kelly you are a racist because of your sneer about 'angry while men'. What a man's colour got to do with it?
February 04, 2010
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Cheers, Low-rated comment [Show]

Paul said:

Mr Aronno you have no character at all so there is nothing to assassinate. You are the usual anti Liberty democrat matching locksteps behind your leader. Obama says global warming you say global warming. Obama says war with Iran you say war with Iran. Obama says bomb Pakistan you say bomb Partisan. Obama says pay the bankers you say pay the bankers. May be I do you an injustice and it is actually Clinton that you follow after all you are already exposed by your wife as a feminist.

Look Aronno you are a nothing. May be if you kiss ass enough in your party they will lit you on the town council. Actually I think you a fool as you are a wiling tool of big business and big government. Hope you enjoy paying your carbon taxes to refinance the banks
February 04, 2010
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except, Low-rated comment [Show]

Paul said:

Yes I did say Obama bombs Pakistan, you say bomb Pakistan. Because Obama is bombing Pakistan. To be more specific it probably the CIA doing the bombing. Over 50 such raised since he became president. So you either support Obama or you don't. There is no such thing as a half rotten egg - its either rotten or it is not. I will concede you something though he is no worse than Bush. Presidents are not the best amongst us but the worst. Political parties are not the servants of the people but a cliché who set themselves up to dominate the rest of us.

Now I will redirect you using the Internet. If you e-mail Professor Richard Lindzen who is Emeritus Professor of atmospheric physics as MIT at the following address


and ask him for a PDF version of his climate research you will get document where you can read for yourself what is happening to the radiation luminosity of the earth. You will see that what is observed is actually contrary to what global warming theory predicts.

This is the actual important point. Global warming is not really just an observation it is a theory that postulates a mechanism. So like any other theory in physics it should be able to be tested. This in part is what Lindzen and others try to do, they test the mechanism. His results are in the last part of the paper when he shows that the observed phenomena are in fact the opposite to what the global warming theory predicts.
February 05, 2010
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Don said:

You people are ridiculous. In a post highlighting the fallacious logic of a completely indefensible and idiotic statement by one single guy, your headline and first sentence somehow extrapolate that into a representative position of Young Democrats in Alaska and (later in the article) the Democratic Party. What the hell is your point? If you're going to title an article "Old Sexism from Young Democrats in Alaska," you damn well should be able to offer up more than one dumb statement by one single dumb Young Democrat. And if you think you're making the point that Democrats are as sexist as Republicans, that's just completely laughable.

I'm not surprised there's no byline on this post. If I wrote that I'd be pretty embarrassed to put my name on it too.
February 26, 2010
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