“The judge identified nine aspects of An Inconvenient Truth, nine core errors, where Al Gore either misstated the IPCC or prejudicially exaggerated what they found.” John Day is the lawyer for a British parent who sued the British Department
of Education when they tried to distribute An Inconvenient Truth to schools.
Not Evil Just Wrong
Written by Ann McElhinney & Phelim McAleer   
Wednesday, 05 August 2009 17:58

poster_new_04New film reveals how global warming activists cause economic destruction in the United States while they unwittingly spread misery and death around the world.

Commencing a full blown attack on the hypocrisy and ill-conceived policies of the modern environmental movement, Not Evil Just Wrong is a feature length documentary that shows how extreme environmentalism is damaging the lives of the most vulnerable populations in the developed and developing world. With examples from Indiana to Uganda the film shows how Global Warming "solutions" will destroy jobs and livelihoods in America during one of the biggest recessions in living memory.

In time for the world premiere at 8pm on October 18th, DVDs can be pre-ordered from the film's website. Bypassing the Hollywood barriers to mass distribution, pre-ordered Not Evil Just Wrong DVDs will arrive in mailboxes in time for a coordinated attempt to break the world record for "largest simultaneous DVD movie premiere" on Sunday, October 18th, 2009, at 8pm.

"This is a film that Hollywood doesn't want anyone to see because it uncovers the dirty truth of extreme environmentalism," states the film's co-director and producer, Phelim McAleer. "Our film is an attempt to spread this truth across America so that this issue, which threatens to damage so many lives and jobs, finally gets the debate it deserves.

"Documentary film co-director and producer Ann McElhinney invites everyday Americans to "Help us expose the true cost of global warming hysteria and become a part of cinematic history by making sure a documentary that finally tells the truth about their lives is shown across the nation." "CO2 is the new DDT. Environmentalists want to ban it without any firm scientific basis or any consideration of the effect a ban on fossil fuels will have on the lives of working Americans." says McElhinney.

The film sweeps back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean, starting in the United States. It examines the history of environmentalism, rooted in Rachel Carson's famed 1962 book, Silent Spring, which led to a ban on DDT. This ban was disastrous for people in the developing world because DDT was the cheapest and safest way of combating malaria. An estimated 30 million people died when the DDT ban left them vulnerable to malaria. Not Evil Just Wrong exposes the full impact of robust and crushing environmental restrictions on the people of Uganda, before returning back to the United States to see how those same policies could impact American families in small towns like Vevay, Indiana.

Not Evil Just Wrong also shreds outrageous claims made in Al Gore's award-winning film, An Inconvenient Truth, and rips apart academics and actors alike as they promote bad science to raise money for "green" initiatives.

To speak with a representative from Not Evil Just Wrong please contact Megan Erhardt (x136) merhardt(at)crcpublicrelations.com or Jennifer Fedor (x 106) jfedor(at)crcpublicrelations.com at 703-683-5004

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Rick DeLano said:

Wrong. It's Evil.
September 24, 2009
Votes: +2

Edward Ferreyra said:

Both things and plus
Wrong AND Evil AND Inhuman
September 25, 2009
Votes: +2

Chillguy33 said:

Wrong is Evil
Wrong is Evil.

We just must identify the wrong correctly.

I offer - the ultimate (most dangerous; a practical point of view) wrong is the delusion that mankind will be somehow saved or even benefit through control by the "elite" of the day.

Ignorance of the past, or ignorance of climate and weather, is no excuse.

September 26, 2009
Votes: +1

pete said:

Interesting that the last several global warmings for which there is good fossil evidence there was no man or even industrial revolutions for that matter. Everybody must read "Why Geography Matters" by de Blijj. D...wads like Gore are capitalizing on our fears and emotions. Isn't it so man-like to presume that we can fix all of the earth's problems including climatic changes. What Gore really fears is that we have no control or power over these forces. Third world countries will suffer disproportionatly from disallowing the use of fossil fuels. Of course Gore can fly there in his Gulfstream and pedal his latest energy efficient bullshit and perhaps even be their leader as they try to compete in the global market. No, what we should all be fearing and preparing for is the inevitable global cooling that can come quickly on the heels of the warming. We would be wise to make friends with or takeover our more salubrious neighbors.Those will be the places we can stay warm and produce food.
October 18, 2009
Votes: +3

Steve said:

A Little Puffed Up Are We?
It's astonishing that some think so much of themselves that they realy believe we have the influence to effect the planet the way that is suggested. And also, that we're so powerful that we can influence it back! And how? By stopping progress and of course, paying more TAXES!!!!!
October 18, 2009
Votes: +4

john smith said:

Watch the MONEY................
Watch who gets filthy rich off of all this so called global warming
October 18, 2009
Votes: +3

Grr said:

Increasing riches
Guess who? Al has many investments in CO2 being made the scapegoat. Said, he has made millions, in the best interests of the environment of course. His monthly electricity bill for one of his houses is said to be USD1300. Taking care of the environment indeed!
October 25, 2009
Votes: +1

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