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Kerry pushing for carbon tariffs
Written by Kristin McMurray   
Friday, 01 January 2010 19:07
John KerrySince over $7 billion dollars were recently ripped off from the cap-and-trade system in Europe, it was a given that John Kerry would propose a way for the idea of cap-and-trade to become an even more explosive failure. 

How?  The latest scheme by the Senator is to take the idea and go global.  He wants to arrange a tariff on products from high carbon emitting countries.  

Economist say Kerry's proposal amounts to nothing more than an economic threat to other countries.  A threat which would ultimately end up hurting American businesses.  Even Matthias Machnig, who previously worked as a state secretary in the Environment Ministry, described a similar proposal as "eco-imperialism."

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Otter said:

Let'sssssss see......

Leftists (like john Effing kerry) like wind and solar power, even though it would take tens of millions of acres of land to build enough to run our country.

One of the Biggest producers of wind and solar is China.

China is THE biggest polluter on the planet.

So lets slap tarrifs on those windmills and solar panels and make renewable energy even more expensive than it already is.

That makes Perfect sense!
January 01, 2010
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Mary said:

Kerry is an idiot. His idea would not only hurt American businesses and trade but would hurt struggling Americans who would have to pay more for imported goods. Most parents cannot spend time with their children because they both have to work to make ends meet. How much more in taxes do those morons think we can afford!? Of course soon our children will be forced into pre-schools of early indoctrination so this administration and Congress wants both parents working so they will face less resistance to the idea of mandatory pre-school. Guess who will pay for that also? If you guessed YOU, you guessed right! You'll be paying even if you don't have children and even if you don't like what they are teaching. Who gets to decide what is taught? NOT YOU or the parents! Sounds great doesn't it?
January 04, 2010
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