“The judge identified nine aspects of An Inconvenient Truth, nine core errors, where Al Gore either misstated the IPCC or prejudicially exaggerated what they found.” John Day is the lawyer for a British parent who sued the British Department
of Education when they tried to distribute An Inconvenient Truth to schools.
IWF Launches Balanced Education for Everyone Campaign
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Thursday, 29 April 2010 22:38
The Independent Woman's Forum (IWF) announced the launch of the Balanced Education for Everyone campaign.

Asks parents to fight for fair education in lead-up to Earth Day activities The Independent Women's Forum (IWF) launches its latest campaign, Balanced Education for Everyone (BEE) on Monday, April 5. The campaign advocates for parents to take control of their children's education, especially when it comes to alarmist global warming indoctrination.

"Parents need to ask their children's teachers, 'What are you doing for Earth Day this year?'" said IWF President and CEO Michelle Bernard. "Too often, our children are being subjected to terrifying lectures on global warming and movies like 'An Inconvenient Truth' and 'The 11th Hour,' while being told they represent settled science. That's just not the case.
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