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Hey Derrick Z. Jackson- Dead Children Make Us Shudder
Written by Ann McElhinney & Phelim McAleer   
Thursday, 02 July 2009 09:41

Uganda_hospitalDerrick Z Jackson writes for the Boston Globe newspaper. Mr Jackson was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 2001.

This week he is in Uganda where he writes about Malaria and DDT. However instead of illuminating us on the subject he perpetuates the same worn out myths that continue to cause enormous death across the world.

We know a lot about Malaria in Uganda which kills 370 children a day. It is a painful death. It kills mostly pregnant women and children because it is particularly fatal to those with compromised immune systems.

But this death toll does not illicit an emotional response from Mr Jackson. However one aspect of this issue does alarm him. The use of DDT to stop the spread of malaria is a serious problem for Mr Jackson.

"The use of DDT makes me shudder," says Mr Jackson as he travels through a country where a jumbo jet full of children are dying every day.

But DDT makes Mr Jackson shudder and its likely he wants a similar response from Boston Globe readers. But we shudder when we think that all those deaths are preventable. We shudder because the World Health Organisation say those deaths are preventable. We shudder when we think of the mothers and fathers across Africa who bury their toddlers everyday. The WHO say that DDT is the cheapest, safest most effective way of preventing malarial deaths. But Mr Derrick Jackson shudders at DDT.

In 2008 The Boston Globe lost almost 10 per cent of its readers. It is threatened with closure because of increasing losses. Perhaps the readers were alienated by reporters who shudder at the use of a harmless compound but remain emotionless at the daily slaughter of 370 children.

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