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Greenpeace Leader: We Need To Stunt Growth
Written by Phelim McAleer & Ann McElhinney   
Monday, 24 August 2009 15:54

The outgoing leader of Greenpeace has stated it is necessary to stunt U.S. and global economic growth to protect the environment.

"The lifestyle of the rich in the world is not a sustainable model," Gerd Leipold said recently in an interview on BBC's "Hardtalk." "If you take the lifestyle, it's cost on the environment, and you multiply it with the billions of people and an increasing world population, you come up with numbers which are truly scary."

Leipold agreed with a scenario put to him by BBC reporter Stephen Sackur who asked whether Greenpeace's proposals meant the world must "get away from our current ideas about growth, and the assumptions that economies will grow" from 3 percent a year to as much as 8 percent in developing nations.

"We will definitely have to move to a different concept of growth," Leipold said. He added, "I don't think they [countries around the world] are ready at the moment, but I know that they are opening up to the possibilities."

One of Leipold's ideas for reducing emissions would impact the future of the global auto industry and its employees. He suggested that families around the world should not buy as many cars as "the typical English family." He denied that his proposal would deny Chinese and Indian people the "right" to have a car but said the "lifestyle of the rich" is evidence of "a deeper problem than we have yet acknowledged."

(To learn more about radical environmentalists' plans to destroy the American dream and the global economy, go to www.noteviljustwrong.com, the Web site for the forthcoming documentary "Not Evil Just Wrong," by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney. Watch the full BBC interview with Leipold here.)

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