“The judge identified nine aspects of An Inconvenient Truth, nine core errors, where Al Gore either misstated the IPCC or prejudicially exaggerated what they found.” John Day is the lawyer for a British parent who sued the British Department
of Education when they tried to distribute An Inconvenient Truth to schools.
Gore Urges Scientist to Change Science to Suit His Alarmist Agenda
Written by Ann McElhinney & Phelim McAleer   
Wednesday, 04 November 2009 08:37
IMAGINE a scientist came up with a way of solving "Global Warming" without ending the use of fossil fuels and other measures which threaten to destroy the US economy.

One would think that Al Gore and his research team would be delighted and would be pushing the scientist's findings to a wider audience.

But buried in a recent Newsweek story is an example of how Gore's team tried to change some Inconvenient Science to suit their agenda.
According to Timothy LaSalle, who Gore consulted for solutions to Global Warming, we could solve the "problem" of CO2 emissions by clever use of agriculture and technology. the response of Gore's team was to try and change his science.

The Newsweek article states:

"If we feed the biology and manage grasslands appropriately, we could sequester as much carbon as we emit," says Timothy LaSalle, CEO of the Rodale Institute, who presented at two summits. The political clash is this: if you tell people soils can be managed to suck up lots of our carbon emissions, it sounds like a get-out-of-jail-free card, and could decrease what little enthusiasm there is for reducing those emissions—as one of Gore's assistants told LaSalle in asking him to dial down his estimate. (He didn't.)

This is an outrageous interference in science for a political purpose. But what is the political purpose? Al Gore has called for stopping the use of fossil fuels and the complete restructuring of the economy in the US within ten years but when offered a chance to remove "harmful" CO2 from the atmosphere his team tries to change the science.

Could it be that Mr Gore and his team want the US economy and its free market system to be overturned regardless of the science? Could it be that they do not want to know about any science that does not allow them to tax and interfere in the lives of every American?

We heard a lot in the media about the Bush administration apparently rewriting science for political reasons. Will the media now highlight Al Gore doing exactly the same?

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Robin said:

Hey Al
November 04, 2009
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foolmeonce said:

How do you spell Hidden Agenda? Answer: CO2
November 04, 2009
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Paul McCauley said:

Ann and Phelim,

I love your work! Thank you, most sincerely. Gore? Not surprised, and I know you're not. Regarding Mr. LaSalle - I hope he manages to disseminate his research, although I think the sequestration is unnecessary.

I noticed the writer's overruling the UK Justice's decision of 9 "inaccuracies" in Gore's movie - the article is such a crock. Another Gore-loving groupie wannabe. Your movie needs more distribution!
November 04, 2009
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ron from Texas said:

Not only does the foliage absorb and take in the CO2, but CO2 retains almost no heat after 20 ppm. That 20 was already provided by nature. Man's production has meant nothing. And CO2 does not have the prescient ability to only direct its re-emission of infrared toward the Earth's surface. It radiates in any and all directions. As proven by Prof. LIndzen of MIT, who has detected no change in the Earth's radiative output.

But Gore has never been about the science. He's been about the power and the money. And he did inherit a lot of his money. The Gore family made a large chunk of their money in oil.
November 04, 2009
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Interglacial John said:

To me the only shocking part of this is that some people will be surprised.
November 05, 2009
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Arnulf said:

Al Gore's business reminds me more and more of Microsoft with their strategies of holding back information.
November 05, 2009
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Eco-Hawk said:

Biologic by David Wann
Read Biologic by David Wann. Come to think of it ..read Utopia or Oblivion by Bucky Fuller.
November 05, 2009
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Dave Scholl said:

Do you realize what the Rodale Institute is? It makes those comments even more noteworthy.
That is THE grandfather of organic gardening - including "Organic Gardening" magazine. It's been around since before Al Gore's dad was filibustering the Civil Rights Act.
They are REAL environmentalists, not the phoney money grubbing power grabbing ones like Gore.
November 11, 2009
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shearwater said:

Snoke and Mirros/Shell Game/ Share the Wealth
While a true soil scientist might repudiate Rodale's advocacy for organic gardening as fundamentally flawed, they are the original environmentalists and many of their principles are good. Al Gore has a tiger by the tail and does not want to let go of the cash value of the taxes that can be imposed throughout our society by Cap and Trade, and the clearing house for carbon credits that his companies can manage. Like the American Indiana selling snake oil when someone asked him, "Does it work?" He replied, showing a fist full of bills, "It works for me!!"
November 12, 2009
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Roger said:

Both evil and wrong
Al Gore is a protégé of the late Dr. Armand Hammer. Armand Hammer was an abortionist who skated on a charge of manslaughter by having his father do prison time for a botched abortion. He was also a staunch communist, personal friend of Lenin, and through his money dealings helped keep the Soviet Union alive for decades after the whole rotten edifice would have collapsed of its own weight, thus making him an accessory to a system that has caused misery and death to tens of millions from 1918 to the present. Judge for yourself. "Not Evil Just Wrong" may be a convenient title for a movie, but in the case of Al Gore, he is both evil and wrong.
November 13, 2009
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I can't believe you people can fall for that load of baloni. Read the article more carefully. Its manipulative and corrupt in its reasoning. It makes Ann McElhinney & Phelim McAlee look like total crooks.
Anybody that stands up for something people will try and cut down or bring back to size. Go get some real evidence to show Al Gore is a crook. You will have trouble finding any real evidence. All this article shows is that Al Gore had a philosophical difference to Timothy LaSalle on how best to solve the environmental problems. You guys always have to read bad motives into everything. Assuming bad motives and then trying to prove it is ludicrous. There is no real evidence against Al Gore at all. So why not go smell the roses and see that Gore seems to be who he claims to be. Trying to tear a good man down is the most sincerest form of flattery as it shows Jealousy. The World killed Jesus Christ because he stood for something good. You people in like manner are trying to destroy a man thats attempting to do some good. Get a life honestly.
November 13, 2009
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Otter said:

Like denvir, algore is a crock of shit.

Apologies for the language. Truth sometimes requires stating fact.
November 21, 2009
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Lewis said:

DENVIROSCI is a crook
DENVIROSCI must be a friend of Al Gore. He probably stands to profit from FAKE SCIENCE, too.

Good try, DEN
February 03, 2010
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