“The judge identified nine aspects of An Inconvenient Truth, nine core errors, where Al Gore either misstated the IPCC or prejudicially exaggerated what they found.” John Day is the lawyer for a British parent who sued the British Department
of Education when they tried to distribute An Inconvenient Truth to schools.

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Enviros Manhandle Phelim For Asking Tough Questions
Written by K. Daniel Glover   
Thursday, 24 September 2009 08:09

Environmentalists channeled their inner ACORN this week by ejecting Phelim from the premiere of The Age Of Stupid when he asked inconvenient questions that exposed their hypocrisy.

Phelim took the Not Evil Just Wrong team to New York for the "green carpet" premiere of the movie, the latest fear-mongering documentary about global warming. Like James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, the independent film makers who exposed the willingness of the community organizers behind ACORN to foster criminal behavior, Phelim decided to ask obvious questions to reveal the double standards that environmentalists apply to themselves compared with everyone else.

The Age Of Stupid preaches the doomsday scenario of human extinction by 2055 and says humans will be to blame for their own demise because they fly too much. But Franny Armstong, director of The Age of Stupid, and many of the people at the movie's premiere flew to New York for the party. Phelim put them on the spot for flying while trying to deny that travel right to others.

His pointed questions didn't sit well with the organizers of the event or the environmentalists who attended. The film makers and their security team ejected Phelim despite the fact that he had journalistic credentials to cover the event and had done exactly what journalists are supposed to do -- ask probing questions.

As Phelim tried to continue his reporting from the sidelines, the security team repeatedly blocked his camera and his view of the environmentalists headed into the premiere.

"There were lots of other press at the premiere, but they didn't seem interested in seeing if environmentalists even tried to live up to the standards they demand of some of the poorest people on the planet," Phelim wrote of the experience at Big Hollywood. They didn't even seem interested in covering the obvious expulsion of another reporter for asking difficult questions. And they wonder why no one is watching their TV news or buying their newspapers."

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mcclane said:

doesn't surprise me
doesn't surprise me one single bit, when presented with the facts, greenies will always clam right up or try to sweep it under the carpet. What saddens me is the greenies have hoodwinked 99% of the population, due to the fact that the general populace are either too stupid to know the truth or too lazy to find out if what the greenies are saying is true.

Greenies are a hypocritical bunch. They don't like fossil fuel but the clothes on their backs were probably produced by fossil fueled machinery.
September 24, 2009
Votes: +5

Geoff Wilkinson said:

Good on you Phelim, keep up the fantastic work you are doing to expose the greatest fraud in history! Can't wait for the 18th next month!
September 25, 2009
Votes: +2

Paypal said:

Convenient indeed!
What this guy did was twisting their answers to serve HIS purposes. The interviews with Moby and Gillian Anderson on other sites hears them give full answers to the questions asked. Not cut out to serve this guys own purposes. Convenient isn't it. Gillian Anderson answered that she has made a decision to cut back on the flying she does, for both her and her family. She didn't fly over to New York to just participate in this event; she istarting filming in Nova Scotia in a few days. Moby answered that he walked there. So who is more honest? In my book Gillian A and Moby are, not the bougus journalist/documentary maker or the writer of this blog
September 26, 2009
Votes: -4

Masha said:

Try another strategy?
Just an idea, but perhaps next time you are banished to sidelines, you can use a megaphone?
And use a hidden camera in your hat.

I'd have to agree with the previous posts-- doesn't surprise me at all at their reactions.
September 27, 2009
Votes: +1

Masha said:

To Paypal
Payppal, there was a simple question: did you fly to NYC? There was a simple answer: Yes.
The point of the movie was that we, people, should not fly. At all. Period. People fly, drive, -- in other words-- live. We all have our reasons for doing or not doing something. Where do the film makers get off telling others not to fly and then turn around and say, that its ok for them because they can't swim over to NYC. That was a very condescending comment.
September 27, 2009
Votes: +3

Dave Wallace, II said:

The Left Exposed
When ever the left wing is confronted with a question that doesn't comport with the agenda that they espouse they become bellicose. I know that all of these new bumper stickers have been popping up stating "Choose Civility" But bodily removing a credentialed journalist is what they stand for. The tactics of the left are so predictable!
We are to dialog with the left even when we are attacked and our ideas are twisted. We are to be polite although we are called racists! We shall remain civil. We will win our war by persuading the American Public that we have the winning argument, because we are right. The left is wrong. The only reason we were losing at all is due to the left-wing media's portrayal of us. We are now fighting for the future of our country, not just an individual issue, that is the main point. Anytime the Left is exposed for their hypocrisy they retaliate in only the way they can. They get angry, and throw you out!
Good for you Phelim! Keep up the fight!

Dave Wallace
September 28, 2009
Votes: +2

Doc said:

Good on you...Have you retained a Lawyer and filed assault charges yet?
The minute their security people physically touched you, they committed assault. You should look into filing criminal charges and suing the hell out of them.
September 30, 2009
Votes: +1

truepatriot said:

Hey!!! The same hypocritical brown-shirts, brown-nosers who decry current cultural and social norms but are themselves stamping the enviroment with gargantuen prints probably use disposable diapers, hair spray, hair dye, botox, buy clothes made with toxic dyes by overseas children working in slave pits 16-18 hours a day hired by American companies who deny Americans jobs by outsourcing their assembly and packaging, rent limo service, taxis, fly, use satellite tv and GPS, don't send their kids to public schools, patronize Greenpeace, The Sierra Club, wear fur, use actual pharmaceutical products, have great appliances, gas delivery, electric power, jacuzis, saunas, nail polish, hire illegal aliens as nannies and landscapers and have the nerve to scold others...amazing! Wonder is they are also tax evaders...I mean, why not?
October 07, 2009
Votes: +0

Tom Harris said:

I have a philosphical problem with Phelim's approach here
First off, I do not believe we are causing a climate crisis at all. I think our CO2 emissions are insignificant in comparison with natural causes of climate change and so, from a climate perspective, it makes practically no difference whether people fly or not or use electricity generated by coal stations, etc.

However, I think there is a logical problem with Phelim's approach. Lets try an analogy: Pretend there was a REAL worldwide epidemic being spread by excessive use of air travel by the world's population in general and it was decided we needed to convince people to cut back on air travel. Pretend also that it was concluded that having celebrities visit events promoting less air travel would 'help the cause' to reduce air travel. Now, with the busy schedules of the celebrities, it would be next to impossible to get them to the events if they were far away if they didn't fly (some could come via alternative methods, such as ship and car, as Gillian Anderson certainly could just going from Nova Scotia to NYC).

Now, it is true that having the spokespeople fly around to these events would, ever so slightly, increase the risk of the spread of the disease (and so, on the surface, it seems to be hypocritical for them to be using the very transportation mechanism they are encouraging others to cut back on), but the positive impact of the flying of prominent spokespeople to events would far out-weight that small negative impact, if indeed they did a good job at convincing people to fly less.


But there isn't and so the whole thing falls apart.

I think Phelim's tactics at the conference is a mistake because media and others, at least subconsciously, recognize how, to benefit the whole, sometime a minute more damage must be done in taking action to fix the problem. And that approach is therefore rational, if one accept the basic connection: air travel -> GHG -> dangerous GW. Trying to make the activists look like hypocrites by using the very transportation mechanism they eschew is a tactical mistake, I believe, that will not pull many if any over to the point of view that the whole climate scare is a big mistake. Sure, it will cheer many of those who believe it is all a waste of money and time, and they may delight at pointing fingers at the celebrities as not practicing what they preach but, in the long run, it will have little impact on the debate as a whole and encourages thinking:

1 - these celebrities should be using less GHG intensive means of transportation to set an example (which is logical when the travel distances are short). OK, so what do you say when they actually do this, such as with David Suzuki who is now using more teleconferencing (so I am told) to help reduce his so-called "carbon footprint". Do you then say, fine, now it is our turn to help stop global warming?

2 - if the spokespeople emit so much GHG, then to heck with it, why shouldn't I? This is not an approach we want to encourage in general in society for many reasons (climate change is not one of them, of course).



Tom Harris
Executive Director
International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC)
P.O. Box 23013
Ottawa, Ontario
K2A 4E2
October 09, 2009
Votes: +2

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