“The judge identified nine aspects of An Inconvenient Truth, nine core errors, where Al Gore either misstated the IPCC or prejudicially exaggerated what they found.” John Day is the lawyer for a British parent who sued the British Department
of Education when they tried to distribute An Inconvenient Truth to schools.
Don't tase climate skeptics
Written by Kristin McMurray   
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 11:51
John GibbonsJohn Gibbons, who until recently was a columnist for the Irish Times—Ireland's equivalent of the New York Times, thinks it is acceptable to Taser other journalists who ask inconvenient questions.

Mr Gibbons wrote on Think or Swim wishing he could deliver a "powerful non-lethal shock to the bullsh*tter in question."  The person in question was our own Phelim McAleer, and Gibbons wanted to tase him for simply being a journalist and asking questions that question received wisdom about Global Warming. 


Gibbons took care to say a "non-lethal" shock, but I must stress that non-lethal does not mean non-violent.  Nor does it bode well for the Irish Times publishing neutral and unbiased information on climate change. 

I am quite frankly worried about any journalist who considers violence as a means to control information.  The IPCC has faced over 19 scandals in the past few months and is currently undergoing an inquiry on their practices.  Much of the corruption would never have been brought to light if it wasn't for fact-checking skeptical journalists. 

Does Gibbons hope to tase everyone who questions Global Warming?  Or just the journalists who make his stories look bad?

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Neil Foster said:

This guy is a moron who spouts this idiotic diatribe at every opportunity he's given. He's simply a buffoon who's one side of the AGW 'debate' distance themselves from.

He should be completely ignored or indeed encouraged to show his idiocy as often as possible. He's a great asset to the sceptics because he's nothing but a fool who I've heard is funded by the EU.
March 23, 2010
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Paul said:

This Gibbons is just an odious person who needs castrating - oh sorry too late he already has been.
March 23, 2010
Votes: +1

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