“The judge identified nine aspects of An Inconvenient Truth, nine core errors, where Al Gore either misstated the IPCC or prejudicially exaggerated what they found.” John Day is the lawyer for a British parent who sued the British Department
of Education when they tried to distribute An Inconvenient Truth to schools.
Congratulations to Our Premiere Contest Winners!
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Saturday, 05 December 2009 12:16
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CONGRATULATIONS! We have the winners of the Not Evil Premiere competition.

The Biggest Premiere

Clem Borkowski & Sean Hawkins of Colorado Springs, CO sent us the biggest sign-up sheet, with signatures of 391 attendees of the premiere at Pikes Peak Center. They will go on a trip to Dublin to see how Ireland's “green“ politics have destroyed the vibrant Irish economy.

Check out photos from the premiere:

Pike's Peak Center
Audience at Pikes Peak Center

The Most Imaginative Premiere

ANDREA PLUNKETT in Kansas City, MO is taking home $500 for organizing the most creative screening. Here Andrea talks about how she threw the coolest Not Evil Premiere party:

On the 18th, we hosted a screening in Kansas City, MO. We had 170 people there. We hosted a "Global Warming BBQ" event. When you arrived, there was a "Non-compact cars only" parking section. As you walked in the door, there was a wall of greenery explaining that plants need CO2 to survive. Once inside, you could register to win one of the two "last polar bears on earth".

Then, you walked down a corridor called the "Environmentalists Say the Darndest Things" wall, where we posted quotes from far leftist environmentalists.

Then, once inside we had BBQ and dinner for everyone. There were two stations: an igloo with a live santa, someone dressed up as Al Gore and a lifesized cutout of a polar bear. It was a photo booth where people could get their picture taken with the characters, and we passed out info about the polar bear myth.

Then, we had a barnyard exhibit with lifesized cow cutouts emitting "greenhouse gas" via dry ice. We also had other farm animals and it was enclosed in a red barn wrap.

To see for yourself, watch the video of the event:

Thanks for taking part in this great event and in the competition!

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