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Brown's clean energy plan will cost CA jobs
Written by Kristin McMurray   
Monday, 09 August 2010 17:10
brownCalifornia has an unemployment rate of 12.3 percent.  That's 2,244,000 people who need a job, and as a result one of the hottest issues in the upcoming governor elections.  Jerry Brown, the democratic candidate, thinks he's found the solution—creating 500,000 clean energy jobs.

This solution is so tried and untrue that it is laughable.  Brown needs to read up on what happened to Spain's economy when the country committed to clean energy jobs and reducing its carbon footprint.  The result of Spain's experiment was a whopping 17 percent unemployment rate.  Recent studies have even shown that for every green job created you'd see 2.2 jobs destroyed.

Do the math, to enact Brown's plan California can count on over 1 million jobs being destroyed, pushing the unemployment rate above 15 percent.

This is in addition to his support of AB 32, which would require co2 levels to be what they were in the 1990s.  Doing this would increase family expenses by $4,000 a year, cost almost $50,000 per small business, and increase government control.

Brown clearly isn't supporting job creation or putting Californians first, but supporting Big Environmentalism instead.

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