“The judge identified nine aspects of An Inconvenient Truth, nine core errors, where Al Gore either misstated the IPCC or prejudicially exaggerated what they found.” John Day is the lawyer for a British parent who sued the British Department
of Education when they tried to distribute An Inconvenient Truth to schools.
British High Court Decision on An Inconvenient Truth
Written by Ann McElhinney & Phelim McAleer   
Thursday, 23 April 2009 11:21
For those of you asking and interested to find out more about the British High Court ruling in the case between Stuart Dimmock and Secretary of State for Education and Skills published 10/02/2007, please find the full text here: pdf_button

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Wyn Engelhardt said:

Do not do this to our school children!! You are simply trying to brainwash them into your kind of politics. Evolution does not belong in schools either - that is a religion. A "Nobel Prize ex Vice President", along with a present "Nobel Prize President of the U.S."are using our children for their own purposes. This Nobel Peace Prize which they both accepted has now lost it's value. Neither Al Gore nor Obama have helped the peace process. It seems they are causing more dissension!!!
October 17, 2009
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Alan Levin said:

Uhhh! Excuse me, but evolution is considered current science by the entire reputable scientific community and has every right to be taught as scientific fact in the classrooms of any school in the USA.
October 24, 2009
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