“The judge identified nine aspects of An Inconvenient Truth, nine core errors, where Al Gore either misstated the IPCC or prejudicially exaggerated what they found.” John Day is the lawyer for a British parent who sued the British Department
of Education when they tried to distribute An Inconvenient Truth to schools.
Alaska Ground Zero for Extreme Environmentalism
Written by Phelim McAleer & Ann McElhinney   
Monday, 08 February 2010 17:06
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snowmageddonWell, we have just arrived back in Washington DC from Alaska.

In Alaska we were told by many environmentalists that Global Warming is definitely happening and it was wrong to state otherwise.

So, naturally we returned to DC to one of the worst snowstorms on record!!!

It would be funny if the environmental alarmists were not so dangerous. And nowhere are their activities more dangerous than Alaska.

Alaska represents a huge opportunity for the environmental movement, but it would be at the expense of the indigenous and working Alaskans. The state is graced with beautiful scenery, extraordinary natural resources and well paying jobs for its citizens. These well paying jobs, focused in industries such as mining, oil and gas sector, provide employment opportunities to some of the most isolated and previously impoverished native people on the planet.

Unfortunately, Alaska's beauty and wealth could end up being a curse as well as a blessing. The state's scenery has attracted wealthy outsiders who are leading campaigns to close down the industries that have sustained working Alaskans for generations.

The states abundant natural resources has also led to the creation of a local upper class who've become extreme environmentalists.  These wealthy individuals are now campaigning to keep the poor in their poverty by calling it sustainability.  They are helped by environmental groups outside the state who pour money into misleading campaigns because they know that if they can cripple Alaska's fuel fossil industries it can be used as a template for the rest of the US.

Alaska's industries, and therefore its vitality, are in danger and nowhere more so than in the state capital, Juneau. Situated in south east Alaska - the environmental movement first targeted the lumber industry which had employed over 3,000 people. Those 3,000 are now unemployed and the timber industry is virtually extinct.

Buoyed by this victory, the environmental movement now wants to make it impossible for cruise ships to dock in the state by introducing unnecessary water standards.

They are also ramping up their attacks on the mining industry after their lengthy campaign against the Kensington Mine outside Juneau. Despite efforts by Coeur Alaska, the mining company that operates Kensington, the environmentalists almost succeeded in preventing the mine from opening. It was only because the company took their case all the way to the US Supreme Court that the mine, despite having gone through a rigorous permitting process, was allowed to open.

Kensington Mine was set up as one of the most environmentally sensitive mines in Alaska—if not the world—but this was not enough for the environmental movement. They seem to not like any kind of development, any kind of business in fact any kind of people.

And don't take our word for it. Just listen to the words of Jeffrey Shortt of Oceana, one of Alaska's most powerful and well funded environmental organization.

In this recent Q&A on Oceann's website Mr Shortt was asked what are the "hopes/goals/objectives for Oceana's campaign in the Arctic?"

He quite bluntly stated that in order to protect the environment he and his organization "want to arrest development." 

And then in the most telling answer of all he was asked if there is anything else people should know about you?

His answer was simple and direct.

"I don't like people very much," Mr Shortt stated.

And that is the truth. Mr Shortt and his environmentalist friends want to make Alaska a playground for the rich—with no development and a lot less people. This means no more industry or development and a lot more unemployment and poverty for working Alaskans.

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Dr. D. P. Gatten said:

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The ‘Hottest’ Hoax in the World!

It Is Interesting That “Dr Rajendra K Pachauri, chairperson of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)” Is An Engineer For ‘Choo Choo Trains’! If You Are Disappointed That This Fraud Has been exposed, … Hang On … Mexico Next year To Try Again!

It was presented as fact. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, led by India’s very own RK Pachauri, even announced a consensus on it. The world was heating up and humans were to blame. A pack of lies, it turns out.

The climate change fraud that is now unravelling is unprecedented in its deceit, unmatched in scope—and for the liberal elite, akin to 9 on the Richter scale. Never have so few fooled so many for so long, ever.

The entire world was being asked to change the way it lives on the basis of pure hyperbole. Propriety, probity and transparency were routinely sacrificed.

The truth is: the world is not heating up in any significant way. Neither are the Himalayan glaciers going to melt as claimed by 2035. Nor is there any link at all between natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and global warming. All that was pure nonsense, or if you like, ‘no-science’!
The climate change mafia, led by Dr Rajendra K Pachauri, chairperson of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), almost pulled off the heist of the century through fraudulent data and suppression of procedure. All the while, they were cornering millions of dollars in research grants that heaped one convenient untruth upon another. And as if the money wasn’t enough, the Nobel Committee decided they should have the coveted Peace Prize. Emphasis Mine Are You One Of The many?

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FALSE LEFT RIGHT PARADIGM Read The NEW Conspiracist For More! FACTS That Is!
DrDP, http://dpgatten.com/?page_id=128
February 08, 2010
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Jeffrey Stuart said:

I didn't get past the third line where you seem to suggest that because it is snowing in DC global warming is just a joke. Is it your understanding that in order for global warming to be real it can no longer snow in DC?

It's a shame that you need to stoop to these kind of written tactics because you might have made a point in the article. I wouldn't know because you lost me with the ridiculous first few lines.
February 08, 2010
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Tim G said:

They can't be Stopped
This is sad because these environmentalists are trying to ruin everything good in the world. And they are trying to ruin our country because they are allowed to do so and it seems there is nothing that can done to stop them. Alaska is where we should be drilling for oil and the other natural resources to help lessen our dependence on others, and also would be providing many well paying jobs. Also, all this could be done environmentally safe while giving people the jobs they need and the boost to the country economically. I am convinced all of these people are brainwashed and have no clue of what is going on. And they will never care. I really want to get my voice out there because I love my country and I love the environment. Yet, I am not stupid enough to think that we can stop the advance of technology, use of fossil fuels, and the overall improvement of standards of life. We need someone to get into office that has the balls to put a stop to all this and get this country and work with world leaders to get this planet in the right direction. If not, we will all be doomed, and the environmentalists will win and the advancement to a better way of living will be lost in the muck.
February 08, 2010
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Gary R said:

Someone left the Freezer Door OPEN !
If you have ever enjoyed an open freezer door on a hot day, you have realized how global warming works !
All of the cold in the Arctic Ice is being released, and is flooding down south, to create several years of
Colder winters. You close the freezer door at home, but once the Arctic Ice has melted, and its cold has
escaped, it is gone. You fail to think in terms of change over several years.
February 10, 2010
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