“The judge identified nine aspects of An Inconvenient Truth, nine core errors, where Al Gore either misstated the IPCC or prejudicially exaggerated what they found.” John Day is the lawyer for a British parent who sued the British Department
of Education when they tried to distribute An Inconvenient Truth to schools.
Al Gore & The Death of Journalism
Written by Not Evil Just Wrong   
Sunday, 11 October 2009 08:22

The Society of Environmental Journalists spent much of its conference in Madison, Wis., questioning why mainstream journalism is dying.

Then they answered their own question when they decided it was their role to protect Al Gore from An Inconvenient Question.

Phelim McAleer, the director of Not Evil Just Wrong, asked Al Gore about the British Court Case that found his documentary An Inconvenient Truth had nine significant errors.

McAleer said that given his documentary is being shown in schools, does he accept the errors and has he done anything to correct them?


However, Gore declined to address the issue and when asked for a straight answer from McAleer, the response of the Society of Enironmental Journalists was not to applaud one of their own for bringing truth to power, but instead they cut the mic of a journalist.

It seems it is more important to protect a wealthy politician/businessman than to allow a journalist to ask inconvenient questions.

And they wonder why no one wants to buy their journalism.

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Recon said:

more importantly, I bought your movie, and not Gore's. I didn't vote for him either lol. smilies/cool.gif
October 11, 2009
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Joe said:

Very sad, but unfortunately, no one will care...
By that logic, the news media in Ireland (of which there is only the mainstream) would be dying out as well. Instead, the Irish gobbled up everything on the tele and in print and headed to the polls in mass like sheep to vote for their own captivity. Unless, what you are saying is, the only smart consumers reside in America. I'm sure that is not what you are saying.

Gore is, of course, a fool. Americans haven't had a choice for many years, which is one reason why the country is so polarized now. It is scary enough that many Americans are openly speaking about rebellion, with many military personnel recently advertising their oath the the Constitution to allude to the fact that their duty is to defend the Constitution before they defend their sitting Commander-in-Chief. In my opinion, as long as Americans have A/C, television, beer, American Football, and a comfy couch, none of this anger will manifest itself in the bold claims these so-called patriots are making. All that needs to be done to quell any uprising is to have boobs shown on channel 4.

This is a major digression, I know. But I wanted to make clear that Gore is irrelevant. Not a single American respects him and the narration job he did on the phony science documentary that apparently won him the Nobel Prize (why didn't they give it to Morgan Freeman for his incredible attempt at making pengiuns seem like human beings?). But that doesn't matter. In a world where the only thing anyone has to talk about at the water cooler is what happened in last night's re-run of "Seinfeld" or "The Office", all critical thinking ends in 3-5 word quips and comic cynicism. That is why people like Gore and his cronies (including Bush) come into power and remain there in some capacity.

Your clip is very important. It shouldn't be funny, but I'm afraid that a few viewers will watch it and say, "You see! Look how they disregard fact! See how flippant they are when they are exposed?", then they'll crack some joke about how it appears that Gore has defrosted and seems more animated than he has in the past (back to "Seinfeld" life). Then they'll flip the channel and watch Southpark.
October 11, 2009
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Dick Sicario said:

Cut off the POWER
Cut the power off to Al Gore's house.
That would save a lot of energy.
Al Gore is a politician, he can't speak the truth.
October 11, 2009
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daddy dave said:

he didn't answer a simple question, so the follow-up question was justified
The question was really simple: "Mr Gore, do you accept those errors, and if so, have you done anything to correct them?"
It's fair enough. Does he agree that the "errors" identified by the court were actually errors?
yes or no?
Frankly, I'm really curious what his answer would be. Seems to me that he could go either way on this.
October 12, 2009
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Jeffersonian said:

"Environmental journalism"
I think everyone is misunderstanding the meaning of "environmental journalist." It's not so much a specialty, a niche in the journo market, where a body of journalists has more understanding and thus can ask the hard questions. It's a matter of advocacy, of pushing a particular narrative. Since Mr. McAleer's questions didn't advance that narrative, they were squelched. It's that simple.
October 12, 2009
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Daniel said:

Re: Joe
Joe said:
"In my opinion, as long as Americans have A/C, television, beer, American Football, and a comfy couch, none of this anger will manifest itself in the bold claims these so-called patriots are making. All that needs to be done to quell any uprising is to have boobs shown on channel 4."

Hey Joe, the President's (and Congress') oath is to honor the Constitution and We The People. Please allow me to remind you that resistance to tyrannical and oppressive gov't is in our blood. And as for your gross underestimation of the resolve and unity of the patriots and defenders of the U.S. Constitution, I won't hold it against you. Plenty of people had opinions in 1776, 1861, and 1941 about the resolve of Americans to defend liberty. So, opine in one hand and **** in the other and see which hand gets full the soonest. A great many lives have been sacrificed by a number of nations for you to have the freedom to openly criticize America and who/whatever else you feel compelled to criticize. With our lives we are willing to defend your right to openly express these sentiments though I staunchly disagree with your view. Al Gore is a loser who is not interested in engaging in fruitful discourse based on facts and knowledge. And there is cause to criticize a nation that is so warped by T.V. culture that they elect leaders such as this morally bankrupt fool. Good day sir.
October 12, 2009
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Curtis said:

He answered the question
I don't know what everyone else heard but I heard Gore answer the question. When he said on the whole the movie was right he admitted the errors were there. And like Joe said, we Americans aren't going to do anything about it. I talk to people every day who hate "everything" (not an exaggeration) that Obama is doing, but they love him. Read your history, the German people as a whole loved Hitler until about two weeks before the end of the war. They loved him and thought he was great for Germany. Not saying Obama is Hitler or like him, I'm saying the average person is just as big an idiot now as then.
October 12, 2009
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Steven said:

Silent Gore
Like Carson before him, Gore's book & his lectures are rife with errors. In Carson's case, they were deliberate; but Al's not as smart as was she. He saw climate change merely as a convenient path to acquire power without having to win a Presidential election.

And that's what all the major issues today are, at bottom, about, from health care to the card check to a new fairness doctrine to so called going green to "reforming" the financial markets: the aggrandizement of political power.

That expansion of political power is, of course, always done for selfless, altruistic reasons. Well, there's nothing more self-sacrificing than for a free people to submit to tyranny.

So rejoice for disingenuous men like Gore. Their absolute power, propelled by the suicide morality will set you free.

Of your life, liberty & property.
October 12, 2009
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Docc Harper said:

Kudos to Mr. McAleer the "facts of the environment propaganda" does not stand up to the true scientific data. The idea that a majority of scientist have come to a conclusion is a fact. Is still a conclusion or a hypothesis is still the fact that the truth is still unknown. The fact that over the years that science professionals have had their careers threatened for speaking the truth, the global environment malfeasance has had a run of the news. Thank you for the challenge to the master of spinning the truth. The facts do not support the fake facts that a self supported egotistical, and his carbon credits that he supplies and sells and when the tree dies returns the carbon to the air, of with does not include in the great ones calculation in returning the CO to the atmosphere. The fact that using the environmentalist cause to further more propaganda has failed, but the main stream media refusal to except the facts is more to the political guide lines than the finding of the truth. Thank you for finely asking questions to the formally untouchable ones " I know all".
October 12, 2009
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Docc Harper said:

Great job Joe I'll drink a pint for your piece.
Daddy Dave of course not to answer would make him a lair.
Hey Daniel do you live in the U.S.? You Sir are a Idiot. Good day to you Sir and your fake British accent.
Curtis, no as a whole most people hate Obama, he has no spine. He is no Mr. Ronald Reagan.
Steven well said Sir.
and good day to you all.
October 12, 2009
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Where are you facts?, Low-rated comment [Show]

Michael said:

Youtube NEJW TV News
Here’s the link on recent TV news admitting global cooling from Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck’s One Minute Response to Recent Global Cooling News 10-13-09

October 14, 2009
Votes: +3
Fighting Hysteria with more Hysteria, Low-rated comment [Show]
Stupidity appealing to uneducated, scientifically illiterate conservatives, Low-rated comment [Show]
The Truth is Difficult, isn't it?, Low-rated comment [Show]

Kevin said:

David, that means a lot coming from a Marxist pig.
October 16, 2009
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Marxist Bogeyman, Low-rated comment [Show]

mike said:

Science does not support global warming
In the last election, the average education of the voter for the leftist Obama was far lower than the education of the voter to McCain. Your name calling is both incorrect, and really does not add anything to the discussion. Global warming is not a science, it is a religion. In fact, the religion was global cooling just a few decades ago, and now is called climate change.

Your name calling suggests a lack of civility and frankly, is offensive to anyone with both a modicum of sense and common courtesy.

I suggest that you share recent facts, not ones that are older than a few years. The reason for this is that you will find that the positions of the left have changed dramatically in the last 30-40 years. I also suggest that you look to the amount of CO2 put into the atmosphere by mount st helens and other natural phenomenon. You will find that nature puts far more CO2 into the air than man. You will also find that it removes more CO2.

Perhaps you could educate yourself, and join a search for facts as opposed to spout religious nonsense that requires more faith than any belief in any God.
October 16, 2009
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Religion for Fundamentalists, Low-rated comment [Show]

Chris said:

Ruling by British High Court
Yes, as Curtis noted above, Al Gore made a feeble attempt at answering the question, just prior to attempting to divert attention away from the matter. It's been a while since I read the Court's ruling, but I seem to recall that Judge Burton(?) made it clear that the court was in no way qualified to determine scientific facts and fallacies, that the 11 discrepancies noted were simply the most egregious and obvious to a layman without further study, and that the film could only be shown in schools if accompanied by material that countered much of what was in the film and provided a more balanced approach to global warming issues. Similar rulings have been made in the USA by school boards. Considering this, I think Al Gore is a bit overenthusiastic when claiming he was vindicated by the British High Court's ruling.
October 17, 2009
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johnboy said:

as always follow the money......
October 17, 2009
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Otter said:

This david really needs to be removed. He cannot refute one single statement, instead only making derisive, demeaning, demonizing comments, based on Lies.
October 18, 2009
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Joe said:

Boobs on Channel 4

Americans have been castrated. Boobs on Channel 4 = no uprising. It will remain how it is today. Alot of complaining, alot of threats, but, at the end of the day those proud "patriots" will plop their fat asses on their couches with their bucket of KFC and their six-pack of Natural Light and watch American Football. During commercial breaks, they'll make a trip to the toilet or flip through their 100+ channels of propaganda, perhaps finding one that reminds them that they need to strap on their balls and scream about how freedom and democracy are being taken away from them. Then, they'll remember that there is a Football game they need to be watching. Off come the velcro artificial testicles. He'll bring those to work tomorrow when he wants to sound tough to his co-workers while they are spending their lunch hour chowing down on a Big-Mouth Burger at Chili's. They'll come off again before he gets back to work because he won't want to offend anyone or damage his reputation giving the appearance that he is a conspiracy theorist (there is a conspiracy, no doubt, but those who have drank the Kool-Aid love to call anyone who even remotely detects what's going on a "conspiracy theorist"... part of the "Seinfeld" culture... ridicule is a much more effective tool at shutting down someone's argument than actual debate).

It is inevitable that we will become a Communist country run by those who adhere to Marxist philosophy. While you were sleeping over the last several decades, this infrastructure has been under construction. And yes, both Republicans and Democrats have worked together to do this. There is nothing worse than hearing people who think that a "changing of the guard", from Democrat to Republican, is going to prevent this from happening.
October 18, 2009
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Mal said:

I am not Rankin File... *grins* couldn't resist it.
Unfortunately, it seems that David is going to sit there and impugn everybody, and assume that because he does so, all of us do so. Equally unfortunate is the reality, which is that in many cases he is not entirely incorrect. This does not excuse his incivility, but it is a point. Let's face it, most of us that are well educated are not the ones doing most of the talking. Why? Because we're all well read enough to know that talk is, inherently, cheap. That being said, I must request that should you continue posting, David, please tone down the bigoted hostility. It serves no purpose.

Further, David, there have been several scientific sociological studies pointing to the truth of Mike's statements about the education level of voters. The finding has been repeated a number of times (many of them immediately available if you search the Internet), that higher levels of education lead one towards the more Conservative political leanings, and that lower levels of education lead one towards more Liberal political leanings. Note an important distinction, however. Education is the key, not schooling. Make of that what you will whilst you make unnecessary, and demeaning, allegations of illiteracy against "the redneck South"... which I happen to be from.

From Joe we have a rather disheartening viewpoint which holds a large amount of validity. I disagree with his conclusion, that because Americans have been breast-fed idiocy from infancy (one need only cite South Park's long running nature and success to be sure that this is the case), we will not recognize the problem, stand up and fight if we are pushed to it. Far from it. Does one think that the vast majority of people were doing much more than grumbling about taxes and acts prior to the Revolutionary War? Not so, and should that be a closely held opinion, than the person holding it has never even seen the movie 1776, much less read biographical accounts of those living during the events. It got done, despite the fact that many of the members of the Continental Congress itself were against the very idea, even up to the end (as in John Dickinson, who fought for his country, despite his distaste for the Revolution and his desires for reconciliation with England). Individualism, Rebellion and Disobedience are at the core of our very nature, do not discount people so easily. If you argue that these items are inherent in us... you've never had children... especially adolescent children smilies/grin.gif

Otter, every worthy discourse has a troll. It is not truly free discussion if somebody can't be one. And, if nothing else, appreciate how colorful a troll can be.

Phil brings up the best point. I have not seen this particular movie, yet. I hope to do so in the near future, but the sensationalism inherent in the trailer is the type of thing that goads hysteria. Hysteria should not be the weapon used to try and correct the foolish, and false, scientific opinions presented by Gore and his ilk as they pressure people with their agenda. Incorrect views are only appropriately dealt with by using facts and truths and discourse, not hysterical rhetoric and equally charged political agendas.
October 19, 2009
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Basharr said:

Joe, you said: "Americans have been castrated. Boobs on Channel 4 = no uprising. It will remain how it is today. Alot of complaining, alot of threats, but, at the end of the day those proud "patriots" will plop their fat asses on their couches with their bucket of KFC and their six-pack of Natural Light and watch American Football."

Well I guess if you are cool with that thought more power too you but I feel you underestimate the people of this great nation as well as your comments here are a result of blood spilled so you had a right to free speech. Tea Parties are just a show of patriotism and they are getting bigger and bigger. People are opening their eyes and some are feeling like they got slipped a mickey. It is not going to happen over night but people are growing tired of hearing every day how much all this unwanted stuff the government is working on is going to cost them.People are going to stand up they are doing so now and more and more are doing it every day. So you just have to decide on a course of action or complacency. This country was not built by Naysayers.
October 21, 2009
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Naysayer said:

An Inconvenient Waste of Time
You're just embarrassed that he caught you off guard with his question about polar bears being endangered. Instead of repeating your statement about "polar bears increasing", like a puppet, a statement which was filled with flawed logic, you should have cornered him about why he wasn't answering you. As a master of publicity, he made you look like a fool. You had him on the ropes and you let him sucker punch you.

Using "the number of polar bears are increasing" to refute his question as to whether or not they're endangered is stupid. If there are only two polar bears left on the planet and they birth a cute little baby polar bear then their "numbers are increasing" but they're still endangered. And that's why everyone laughed at you, you knew you were beat. Just be glad they shut off your microphone because he would have thrashed you.

Number 1 rule of "gotcha journalism" -- don't let the other guy make you look like a fool after you've already pulled your "gotcha".

I don't know what is more moronic -- your arrogance thinking you could go up against somebody like Al Gore in a hostile environment and walk away unscathed, or the fact that you post this video which you think makes Gore look dodgy but instead makes you look like a second-rate hack of a journalist.

You had him. He was dodging. And then he kicked your ass.
October 21, 2009
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silmold said:

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October 22, 2009
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silmold said:

October 22, 2009
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Russell Cook said:

ordinary citizen
Interesting that commenter "Naysayer" just above mimics what SEJ board diector Robert McClure says in his "Investigate West" web page here: http://invw.org/2009/10/sej-di...d-al-gore/

What is perhaps more entertaining is the manner in which McClure appears to dodge questions in the comment section that follows on his page - my own comment questions start at the #3 spot - all of which leads to the commenter at the #16 spot saying, "Your last few responses seem to be saying “Do you believe the Polar Bears are not endangered?” to the questioners. How, then, can we, your underserved readers, take you seriously if you don’t answer the questions but, as did A Gore, try and sidestep them?"
October 30, 2009
Votes: +1

j said:

take a closer look
take a closer look
Panic at 2 a.m. — the search for multiyear Arctic ice
November 02, 2009
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February 09, 2010
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