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1,200 Limos, 140 Private Jets—Let the Copenhagen Hypocrisy Begin!
Written by Kristin McMurray   
Sunday, 06 December 2009 15:02

Copenhagen hasn't even begun and we're already witnessing environmentalists' hypocrisy.  The city has seen a huge influx of luxury, co2-emitting travel.  Majken Friss Jorgensen, managing director of Copenhagen's biggest limousine company, usually has 12 limousines on the road but during Copenhagen she'll have 200 in service.  Of the 200 Jorgensen is managing, only 5 will be hybrids.

There is an estimated 1,200 limos escorting attendees during the summit, and limos are being driven in from other countries in order to meet the demand.  On top of this, there are an 140 extra private jets flying in political dignitaries and their celebrity counterparts.  Not that I have anything against private jets or limos—it's just more than ironic that upon landing they'll preach to annihilate the very comforts they so enjoy.

Between the limos, private jets, trains, commercial airfare (I doubt many are riding bicycles to the event) and activities for the twelve-day conference, it is expected that 41,000 tonnes of carbon will be emitted for the 16,500 attendees.  This is the same amount of carbon that was emitted by Morocco in 2006.

It is yet another instance where environmental elitists dismiss their behavior because of the "importance" of their work.  It seems they are always enjoying the comforts of luxury when demanding that others need to start sacrificing for the good of the planet.

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wpbtonzlewis said:

I've decided we need to coin a new term for liberal hypocrisy since when they engage in hypocrisy they don't seem to see it, they only see it when conservatives and Republicans. So I'm thinking maybe if we make the word liberal part of the new term they will notice it then. Or, I am just delusional? smilies/cry.gif
December 06, 2009
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tim said:

the next crisis is the the discovery that the earth is flat and it has been getting flatter since 1492.....we are going all fall off the earth tomrrow.......and then the sky will also be fallng that same day...
December 07, 2009
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Airport Shuttle said:

This is a very important message and everybody should live accordingly. Global warming is to be controlled by each one of us.
February 28, 2010
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